My Experience

Before Taper

I was taking Klonopin for 13 years, using about 0.5 mg per day (average).

I took it for anxiety and insomnia.  It worked well.

But when I started to develop fatigue, memory fog, chest pains, and other symptoms, I decided to try and stop it.

During Taper

At first I tapered by cutting my pill up so I could reduce about 1/8 of a pill every few weeks.

This worked very well for several months.  I did several of those cuts without any problems.

But as I got lower in dose, it got progressively harder.  By the time I reached 0.125 mg, my withdrawal was so bad I went to the hospital - concerned of heart palpitation, chest pains, insomnia, anxiety, shortness of breath, back pain, and no stamina.

I then held at 0.125 mg for 8 weeks to get stable

(I also used Buspar during the last 2 weeks which I think helped make me stable faster).

Once I was stable, I used the method described in this webpage and I tapered from 0.125 mg to zero in 125 days.  I had some symptoms, but they were tolerable.

After Taper

I have been writing a weekly update on my recovery since I reached zero Benzo.  

You can read this at a website called BenzoBuddies if you decide to become a member of that website (click the link below).

Link to my blog on BenzoBuddies