My Story

I tapered off Klonopin by creating each daily dose in pill form (instead of liquid tapering).

I would make 31 pills to last a month, each pill having 0.001 mg less Klonopin.

People often ask me how I did it  (in particular, the math).

This web page shares my story.


My story consists of 5 steps on how I made a month of pills

Step 1 - Tools I Used

This steps show the tools I used (e.g. the scale).

Equipment List

Step 2 - How I Did the Math

This explains my math by showing a worksheet. 

Math Worksheet

Step 3 - Create Mixture

This shows how I crushed my benzo tablets and mixed with the filler.

Dry Mixture

Step 4 - Create Labels

I made labels for the pill organizer to keep track of the dose in each pill.

Create Labels

Step 5 - Fill Capsules

In this step I filled the capsules and organized them into the pill box with labels.

Fill Capsules

Before, During, and After my Taper

My experience with Benzos.

My Experience